Amphidrome™ is a fixed film biological nutrient system developed by W. Keith Dobie Sr., President of F. R. Mahony & Associates, Inc at the time. Rights to the patent were sold to Tetra Corporation, now De Nora. Don McCarty of Tetra assisted in the patenting process and is also named on the patent. Mr. Dobie and F. R. Mahony & Associates Inc. received a license to provide Amphidrome™in the United States.  Mr. Dobie sold FRMA to senior employees and is now President of Benjamin O. Paine Company.

B. O. Paine Company is a family company where Mr. Dobie worked as a teenager. Benjamin Paine was Mr. Dobie’s great grandfather. The company evolved from horse shoes in the mid 1800’s to steel rims for wagon wheels, then to railroad car wheel carriages and finally to sharp edge tools. The tool factory was originally powered by a waterwheel.  The company owned a reservoir to provide sufficient water to the waterwheel. In a- round- about way, managing the reservoir brought Mr. Dobie into the wastewater field, combining his interest in water with his academic interest in microbiology.

Why is Amphidrome™Chosen

  1. Lower cost than acceptable competitive systems.
  2. Compact size allows one additional bedroom more than competitors.
  3. All treatment components below grade. No ugly above grade structures.
  4. Amphidrome is a true biological nutrient removal process with distinct and controlled aerobic and anoxic periods.
  5. Higher level of treatment than competitive systems.
  6. Less negative impact on treatment performance by cold weather than competitive system.
  7. Media never needs replacement thus no cost associated with media replacement as required by some competitor systems.

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